3 pawsome minutes: clipping made fun

I forbade myself to work today. I really do need a break. So instead of doing anything resembling work, I slept in, took my dogs for a late-morning stroll, and spent the afternoon watching Jasmin teach a class at her dog school. Since there was still so much day left when I came home, and I had to remind myself that I must not work today, I decided to clip my poodle instead, and make a video. So here’s to force-free poodle clipping and trimming. The way to your dog’s heart is through his stomach, and the secret is contingency.

There is no reason to use physical force or intimidation when getting your dog used to the clippers. Any dog can learn to look forward to her grooming session: the secret is in knowing she’ll get paid in high-value treats. Treats SO SPECIAL she ALWAYS and ONLY gets them after being touched by the clippers.

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