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Dog trainer, writer, translator and chocolate-addict Chrissi is based in Antigua, Guatemala. She has been fond of dogs of all sizes, shapes and personalities for as long as she can think – especially the so-called difficult ones. After training the Dachshund of her early teenage years in traditional ways at her local obedience club, she learned about clicker training and got hooked on force-free, motivational methods. She has worked as a professional dog trainer since 2013, when she founded Click for Joy! Hundetraining in Vienna, Austria. In 2018, she moved to Guatemala, a place she has dreamed of living for a long time. Chrissi’s Dog Training has been serving Antigua’s dog lovers since September 2018.

Chrissi’s work days are spent doing the things she loves most: thinking about languages, writing, and teaching pet dog manners and life skills to her clients and their dogs. Her German-language puppy book Nur Mut! was released in 2017, and her recall book Komm  zu mir! in 2018. Chrissi loves working with people and dogs, and training, traveling, playing, and hiking with her own crew. She also teaches life skills classes at Fenzi Dog Sports Academy, and spends most of her free time on staying up to date about the science of behavior, learning, and teaching.

Podcast Interviews with Chrissi:

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