Caniversity Friday – October Edition

Our SECOND Caniversity Friday at Caoba Farms is about to happen! Come join us, have fun with your dog, and work on life skills like walking on a loose leash, sitting, lying down, waiting, …

After an hour of fun, join Chrissi and your classmates for a delicious breakfast at Caoba Farms!


October 5th, 8:30 AM – 9:30 AM


Caoba Farms, 5a. Avenida Sur Final #6, La Antigua Guatemala

We’re meeting at the yoga space at 8:30 AM sharp.


None. This is not a traditional training class, but an opportunity to spend quality time having fun with your dog and practicing life skills and manners. However, participating dogs must be comfortable sharing a space with other dogs and people. If your dog is fearful or reactive, this is not the event for him.

Classes will run in English.


Your dog, your sense of humor, lots of pea-sized soft treats (e.g. cut up cheese or hot dogs), poop bags, and a long leash.

Please potty your dog before class starts, and clean up after your dog if she has an accident at Caoba Farms. Dogs must be kept on leash at all times while at Caoba Farms.

Please ask before allowing your dog to greet another dog up close!


US$10/Q80 (breakfast not included)

There’s only six spots available. Sign up using this Paypal link to secure yours now!

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