Chaiary – day 18 (April 24, 2023): Ciudad Universitaria and moving to Coyoacán

Home alone

I used the morning to head to my hair dresser in Narvarte with Game. Chai got to stay home alone in the patio of our AirBnB one last time. This has been the last AirBnB I stayed in before I thought I was leaving Mexico for good and the second one I came back to … it felt a little bit like coming home. Today would be the day we’d move out. Dana, the owner whose place I’ve now stayed with 4 (?) times, told me to let her know if I ever needed anything – including a friend. I’m going to miss Narvarte.

Me and my always-by-my-side dog Game at the hair salon.

An afternoon at Ciudad Universitaria

Then it was time to move to what feels like the other side of the city: Coyoacán (but not the center – a place within walking distance from Las Islas at Ciudad Universitaria. It’s a large green space filled with students, picknickers, street food and off-leash dogs.

We met what I was told was a Miniature Doberman (size between a fully grown Doberman and a Miniature Pinscher).

Sadly, poor Chai threw up in her car crate again. The hot drive to Ciudad Universitaria was a bit much for the poor girl. However, all was forgotten once we got out and had fun!

Socialization continued

Chai voluntarily approached and got fed by two people and made friends with two more – no food required!

Our new stomping grounds!

Walking, playing and 2-dog recalls

Since the new place was going to be very small and I was going to feel wiped out from moving, I wanted Chai to be tired for her first night there. The dogs and I spent a LONG time walking and just hanging out at Las Islas before heading to our new home! This video is towards the end of the walk, as both dogs were already hot and tired. A lovely whistle recall with Game pulling Chai back to me, just like yesterday, only in a new environment. The time having been outside and the heat cause both of them to trot rather than run.

I took the thumbnail picture of the video above at Las Islas as well. In the thumbnail, Chai is a few weeks older than in this video.

Tired dogs are good dogs!

The long hot outing did its job: Chai and Game were perfect studio apartment dogs for the rest of the afternoon and evening. And I was a perfect studio apartment tenant: all I wanted was a shower and fall asleep!

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