Chaiary, day 22 – April 28, 2023

Chai had another good adventure today: we took the car to Mercado de Muebles Vasquo de Quiroga. There was no throwing up on the way there OR back!

Mercado Vasco de Quiroga is a big indoors/outdoors market composed entirely of tiny furniture stores.

Bit by bit, Chai is getting to know all the parts of Mexico City! Unlike the commercial stores in Coyoacán, pretty much every single one of the furniture stores invited me to come in WITH my dog. It was great! Chai got to explore narrow indoors spaces and we had the opportunity to use our greeting protocol (approach flat open hand voluntarily; get fed if choosing to approach) with two storekeepers.

Exploring inside and outside the mercado de muebles.

Chai also got to meet a free-roaming Pittie in the outdoors part of the market. After a bit of polite sniffing and walking together (see video), I dropped the long line and the two dogs enjoyed running and playing.

Sidenote: socializing with other dogs doesn’t necessarily mean playing. Just being at liberty (not training to heel or ignore the other dog) around each other and doing things together (sniffing, walking) counts just as much and some dogs – especially once they are not puppies anymore! – prefer this kind of relaxed social time over playing.

After getting back from the furniture market, I treated myself to some yummy street food – and Chai got to practice hanging out without begging.

Street food pro!

I also spent some time working on my platform game with both dogs … it’s going to be a lot of fun once we’re done videoing all its parts and are ready to share it!

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