August 17, 2023

Session 1:

I’ll implement what I learned in today’s first session in the next one!

Session 2:

+ Feed “Good” to mouth, not on the tape marker.
+ Don’t return treat hand to home position between the two markers.

Unfortunately, the video angle doesn’t let me review my treat hand position.

August 18, 2023

Session 1 …

… was a repeat of yesterday’s last session. Not looking bad at all:

Just a few things I’d like to change now that I can see my hands: if Chai steps out of the bowl after the “good” or before the “get it” cue – wait her out and only feed (or mark respectively) when all 4 paws are in again. I will stay at this level until I get that kind of session. I’ll keep using 6 treats. Note to self: only move on when there are no stray feet in any of the 3 reps!

Session 2:

We need to keep trying for these 3 perfect reps!

Session 3:

Note to self: remember home position in the first rep! On my thigh, not behind my back!

Session 4:

This session showed me how physically taxing 4 in is for Chai now that the bowl is this small. I used to be able to do several sessions of this trick every day, but her muscles fatigue more easily now that the bowl is this small and balancing is getting harder.

August 19, 2023

Today, Chai said no and I listened to her:

Listen to your dogs! Training should ALWAYS be fun for BOTH of you! Unless you’re both all in – call it off, take a break and do something else instead!

I’ll give this trick a 10-day break and then start over again a little easier.

August 30, 2023

My plan: I’d start over with bowl #5 – expect 4 feet in right away – toss 3 “Get it” treats – put a new bowl #6 (with taller walls) into bowl #5 – keep expecting 4 paws right away and end after 3 “Get it” treats for 4 in. Chai didn’t read my training plan though, as you will see below!

The video below has voiceovers for changing things on a fly in the middle of a training session and the importance of listening to your dog!

Notes for the next session

Repeat the same set-up; use “Get it” as a marker every time. 6 treats, no more than one session a day!

August 31, 2023

Loving this session (even though I went over 6 treats!):

  • Chai was fast to offer 4 paws in.
  • I paid attention to my mechanics, did my transition behavior (blink consciously between marking and feeding) consistently and only used the “Get it” marker I had planned on.
  • Spontaneously ending in personal play makes sessions light and fun! Note to self: more of this! Next time, ditch the prop first to avoid confusion.

Notes for the next session:

I’ll go back to “Good” and then “Get it” and a tape marker on the floor (Chai almost sat in one of the reps in this session, so I want to make sure we get consistent standing!

September 1, 2023

Notes for the next session:

  • Keep everything the same, but feed 1-2 inches above my marker on the floor after “Good!”

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