June 24, 2024 – first things first: happy CDMX pride day!1

… and now on to our regularly scheduled dog training programming!

Level 1 (Chai on a long line), distraction #1 (empty plate – easy), environment #3 (difficult)

In an ideal world, I would have recognized that the long line tightened in the moment or reviewed the video before moving on and noticed it then and there. I’d then have repeated the same recall, taken a break and repeated it again. Single-rep (first rep of a session) success on a long line? Only then would I have moved on to distraction #2. It’s not an ideal world though and I was in a hurry to meet my friends. So we took our break and then soldiered on:

Level 1 (Chai on a long line), distraction #2 (paper bag – intermediate), environment #3 (difficult)

I got lucky! Chai’s long line did not tighten this time! In retrospect, I can’t believe what she let me get away with after tightening the line with the easy distraction! (Also in retrospect, it does make sense because she had already figured out that the long line would stop her, including in this environment, and that she was on a long line.)

We looped around the park for a while to give Chai a break, and then set back up for our most difficult distraction:

Level 1 (Chai on a long line), distraction #2 (paper bag – intermediate), environment #3 (difficult)

The reason I put the kibble on the plate is that otherwise, it wouldn’t have been visible against the ground.

… and believe it or not: the long line actually did stay loose again! Chai is building my confidence! She’s got this! I‘ve got this! We are invincible! (Or are we?)

Urban art clue #5: It sits on a border street between two colonias. The colonia the art piece belongs to has more than one part (as established yesterday). The colonia it borders only has a single part.
Also: updated picture! The original piece seems to be gone or have been altered, but we have a new one in its place! Urban art is alive!

  1. I am critical of the commercialization of pride events and aware of the fact that especially trans women are being shown the door – and much, much worse – in Zona Rosa on a regular basis. Trans women are being disappeared and murdered right where Pride is celebrated quite literally all the time. I see the announcements of missing people and murders on my news feed, and there are a lot of them.
    It was still the first time that I was in CDMX in June and I wanted to see the biggest Pride event I’d ever had a chance to attend (this is the biggest city I’ve been to this time of year). So that’s what I did – this year. Next year, I’ll go to the protest marcha de la Tianguis Disidente instead. Gotta remain true to my values, and pretending that every queer person is treated equally and we’re all one big happy family is most certainly not one of them. This year, I was happy to be in my city though, buy a pride flag to wear as a cape and jump into the rainbowy river of people with my friends. ↩︎

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