June 25, 2023

Distraction recall, level 2 (helper as barrier): easy distraction (empty plate), intermediate environment (roof)

Zane agreed to be my helper at the barrier stage in our second environment as well: up on the roof we went!

Chai did beautifully – so we took a break, played ping pong recalls on the roof and then moved on to our intermediate distraction: the paper bag!

Distraction recall, level 2 (helper as barrier): intermediate distraction (paper bag), intermediate environment (roof)

Chai anticipated my recall and turned towards me right as I called! Superstar puppy: few experiences feel as good as seeing a distraction turn into a cue before your very eyes!

Now the sensible thing would, of course, be to take a break and move on to distraction number #3 – the most difficult one: kibble! For whatever reason, we did not do the sensitive thing: we stopped here and declared the roof stage a success. Distraction #3 just skipped my mind and we headed back down to start a day of coworking. No roof kibble recalls for Chai. (Mark my words: print out your distraction tracker if you’re a student working with it! I came up with this protocol and not even I seem to be able to keep it straight!)

Urban art clue #7: you already have enough information to narrow down the possible streets and go looking. This clue will let you find the correct street triangle: the building and accompanying terrain the art piece is on is fenced off in blue on all sides. Narrow down the streets it could be on and find the blue fence.

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