Chai’s formal recall, iteration 5.2: the barrier level(s) – kibble container #3 (wire mouse trap)

If I’m not mistaken, my reinforcer for the kibble recalls is liver in all the videos below (same value as chicken).

Container 3, location 1

I started on a long line. She reoriented as soon as she spotted the container – so I took a break to loop around the park and then set up in a different part of the park off leash!

Well done, puppy!

Container 3, location 2

Two days later at our toy play plaza. You go girl!

Container 3, location 3

Yet another park for our third location!

Session 1

In real time, I had the impression that Chai’s response was below baseline speed (even though it looks good on the video). To be on the safe side, I took a break and then did another session in a different part of the same park. (Note that my new Chai-tailored recall strategy is not like my distraction protocol: I get to take a break right away and then try in a different location.)

Session 2

After a 10 or 15 minute break; different location in the same park.

In the video above, Chai definitely turned on a dime! Achievement unlocked!

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