Day 41 – May 17, 2023: Chapultepec, toy play, puppy socializing and big birds

We’re back to our usually (un)scheduled activities! No more diarrhea, Border Collie puppy energy up!

Mornig play with the first toy Chai dissected! Proud of you, puppy – that’s how things are done when you grow up with a Mal! (Thank you for the toys, Chris! Shark and octopus are still intact and well loved!)


I announced (“Claws!”) and clipped the nails on both front paws today – good puppy, no problem!


After some morning play at home, Scarlett, Game, Chai and I went to Chapultepec. It’s Chai’s first time and I wanted it to be during the week when there were not as many other dogs around as on the weekend. We ended up staying for several hours and had a lovely time.

Chai played with another puppy – Archie!

In the video above, you can sie Archie’s human call him twice: first at 02:17 (he comes all the way back) and then again at 03:09 (Archie doesn’t come all the way back). What are they doing well? What could they do differently to up their success rate? What advice would you give them if they were your client and showing you this recall baseline of a 5-months old puppy? Let me know in the comments!

… and Chai saw her first heron! She did not think much of it – I was way more enchanted by it than the dogs today. (And that includes Game who usually loves chasing birds!)

Toy and food play

Chai and I also played with food and toys outside. Look at the little superstar in her single-ball play session!

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