Days 61 & 62 – June 6 & 7, 2023

June 6, 2023 – play, LLW and park adventures

Toy play

+ We played tug and played with the flirt pole on the roof. (See here for a video!)

Leash walking: 1 step between treats in motion inside (apartment building corridor)

+ We worked on walking 1 step between treats behind the invisible line! Go Chai!1

In the video above, you’ll see that 1-step treat while continuously walking (the approach I chose for Chai) actually leads to more than a single step between treats because I pause after click and treat and it takes a moment to feed . All along, I keep moving forwards. Chai is being a superpup who has no problem walking and chewing gum!

Being a brave puppy

+ We walked past the phallic yellow scary ad thing (I’ll have to take a picture; you probably have no idea what I’m talking about!) twice and Chai did great!

Everybody pees

+ Chai peed outside without needing Game to model for her! She still pees in the shower as well – but I’m celebrating every outside pee!


+ No solo adventures today, but I park-officed with Game and Chai at Miraflores again and practiced pup-pup-pup and whistle recalls out of dog play. Chai did not respond every single time – excellent data points to learn where her juvenile brain is currently at!

+ Chai played with other dogs inside and outside the dog park.

+ After some action, I had the dogs chill near the bench I was working from.

First we play, then we chill at the park office!

+ We walked back home when it started raining.

Day 62 – June 7, 2023 – more rain, husbandry, waiting outside stores and human friends


+ “Clippers” announcement and cutting ear fur.

Solo adventure

+ We walked to a corner supermarket – mostly without pulling! – and Chai waited confidently ALL BY HERSELF outside.

Home alone

+ Chai stayed home alone when Game and I went for Game’s noon loop.

2-dog walk

I ran errands in the rain with both dogs and Chai waited outside a pharmacy together with Game.

Good girls waiting patiently!


+ We played obstacle recall games at a playground. Because it was raining, we had it all to ourselves and lots of fun!

Thunderstorm walk and more recall games

+ In the evening, it was thunderstorming. I took both dogs for another walk anyways. Chai didn’t mind the thunder. We went to Fresa Parque this time and had more obstacle game recall fun in the rain at the larger playground there.

Human friend time

Chai got some calm Zane snuggles tonight. I really like how she’s able to relax in the presence of human visitors (at least for now). Game and Phoebe had a much harder time with this!

Friends on the couch.

(1) For more leash walking context, check out the leash walking lectures from Out and About in your FDSA library or look here for my December class.

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