Distractions as cues, day 11

Session 1, breakfast in location 2:

This video is a bit grainy because I had to turn the brightness way up – it’s early today and still dawn out.

Session 2, dinner in location 2:

Nothing much to remark except the speed: trotting rather than running towards the kibble. (And yes, I have two sweaters, not just one.)

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2 thoughts on “Distractions as cues, day 11

  1. Theo Jak e/o Zimet says:

    What about doing more reps short after another?
    I would say five with smaller piles of kibble of course.

    • Chrissi Schranz says:

      That would be one possible way to approach it! Excellent thinking!

      I’m ended up trying something different (my training is a couple days further ahead than my uploading videos and writing about it)! Stay tuned … fun things to come!

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