Distractions as cues, day 9

Session 1, breakfast in location 2:

I love that Game watches me and waits for my release to the kibble cue – even though I’m a little slow to release this morning! Good girl!

Session 2, dinner in location 2:

In fact, unlike I say in this video, there IS progress to report, and I see it more clearly as I’m watching this video back: not only is Game going around the corner more slowly than in earlier sessions – she is trotting (rather than running) the entire time now! And you can see that while her nose points towards the goal (the pile of kibble), the ears are up and back: she is expecting me to call her and actively listening for it! This is not a dog barreling towards a pile of kibble! She’s getting slower and more thoughtful! Love my bestest girl!

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