Finding Five Pandemic Challenge – Week 1

We are certainly living in strange times! I thought we could all do with a little challenge, and I came up with a little challenge for my current FDSA class. This term only, Finding Five brings you – drumroll! – The Weekly Pandemic Challenge! (I very much hope that by the next time this class runs, we’ll have defeated this virus, and gotten our lives back!)

I thought I’d share it on my blog as well. Can’t everyone use a little virus-related fun these days? Here is how you play.

3 simple rules:

  1. You’ll play 5 days a week – whichever days you’d like. You play by completing any task on the list.
  2. Complete the tasks in any order, and check them off when you do!
  3. If you are a Finding Five student, report in on the “Pandemic challenge” thread in the discussion forum! If you are a Bronze student, check in on the Facebook lurker group when you’ve checked off all items on the list! And if you aren’t in my class, but still want to play – comment on this post when you’ve completed the challenge for week 1!

Challenge sheet for week 1:

PS: The third item on this list – wearing a correctly fitted mask – refers to the human, not to your dog!

Click here to download and print a larger version of the week 1 challenge sheet!

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