Dog Training Antigua

The art and science of training dogs.

We offer pet dog training, behavior modification, and fitness & fun for your canine companion in the greater Antigua area. Our approaches are based on the science of learning and emphasize positive reinforcement for you and your dog. Schedule your lesson today!

I wanted to say as we are at the end of the class, how much I have learned and enjoyed this class. Chrissi – you have put together a terrific curriculum, which is so well thought out, and helpful for growing our skills. Your approach to coaching each team where they are at is also awesome. I loved how you would watch our videos, provide feedback and the next part we should be working on. Most importantly, you are so positive, supportive and constructive with your students. It creates such a positive learning environment for humans! I know how much work it takes to design a course and then teach students — thank you for all the effort and care you have put into your teaching!

Leslie & Henry (Dutch Sheepdog, FDSA)

Chrissi’s board and train program was wonderful for my dog. I felt great knowing that my dog was not only recieving great care, but also learning and building on what we had been working on! Chrissi listened intently during our pre-boarding training session and it was clear he understood my goals. His house is dog heaven, lots of backyard play space and woods to take long walks in right next door. My dog was very happy! Highly recommend!

Ellie & Maruca (mix, board & train)