May 18-20, 2023: puppy adventures in husbandry, UNAM, playgrounds and eating at restaurants!

Day 42 – May 18, 2023

Not a lot happened today … BUT I got some husbandry done: clipping (“Claws!”) Chai’s nails on the right back paw. No problem for my superstar!

Day 42 – May 19, 2023


+ “Claws!” on the left back paw.
+ “Brush!” (with a break between the two husbandry procedures)

UNAM adventures

Game, Chai and I went to UNAM, saw and met strangers, practiced recalls, got paid for check-ins and hung out with fellow Border Collies!

Because it rained, the space around the big UNAM flag had turned into a pool and we played in the water and going up and down the stairs until a security person kicked us out.

Fun with fellow Border Collies at Las Islas!

Inside spaces

I took Chai by herself (solo adventures are SO important in my book!) up and down the scary elevator (still carrying her in and out). Then I put her into the puppy and we walked through the Walmart corridor and to the bank.

Day 43 – May 20, 2023

Parque Hundido

Chai and I went to Parque Hundido – which was quite busy since it was Saturday! She played with a Chihuahua (making me very happy; I want her to interact with dogs of all sizes!) and we hung out at the playground so she could observe kids running, playing and climbing.

Parque Hundido, located in Colonia Extremadura Insurgentes.

The bestest girl waiting for my order of pambazos at a Parque Hundido food stand.

Playing briefly with a Chihuahua, a whistle recall at the right moment and a sweeping view of the playground:

More playground time: watch and learn! (I had her on a leash and walked her around the playground and then we just watched from a distance. I only unleashed her to play with the Chi.)

Playground time! Getting used to kids running, screaming, laughing, playing, riding bikes …

Pizza outing

Chai and I then went to have pizza for lunch with a group of people I know. She did great inside the pizza place, mostly resting near my chair and chewing on a rawhide! I’m not much of a restaurant person – but if it involves socializing my puppy, count me in!

Pizza, rawhide and the art of doing nothing.

Further errands

I also took her to a bakery and a pharmacy and then had her wait in the car crate while I looked at an apartment. (And important exercise: I don’t want her to ONLY be in the car crate when I’m in the car myself!)

She did great on all her adventures today! Go Chai!

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