May 8-May 10, 2023: Chai’s first road trip!

From May 8 to May 10, Chai got to go on her first road trip! Together with Game – a travel pro! – we went to visit our Guanajuato friends.

Left: they know something is up … they just don’t know what it is yet! Right: Chai in her car crate. It’s hot out and the AC hasn’t cooled down the car yet. Pant we must!

Guanajuato is about a 5 hour drive from Mexico City – not too long a road trip but definitely more time in a car than Chai is used to. It made for a good first adventure! She made it about 4.5 hours before (poor puppy!) throwing up in her crate. I hadn’t fed her breakfast, so it was mostly water.

A free-roamer at a rest stop along the way. I remember this dog from the last time I came through here about half a year ago!

Another rest stop. Priorities: first water the dogs, then bathroom the Chrissi!

Game was so excited to see our friend Vanessa that she jumped out the car window the moment she saw her. She’s always had a soft spot for Vanessa … only her late dog, Dutch Shepherd Nabuko, got the occasional correction when he once again forgot that Game didn’t want to play with him: “I’m not into you! Get the memo alreay!”

Vane has a yard with avocado trees. The dogs were very excited about it and eating all the avocados they could find.

Chai is a social learner. Realizing that Game was Vane’s friend, she immediately wanted to be her friend as well!

Game time: at night, I put Chai to bed while Game got loved on by her friends! Sometimes, we get a few hours of feeling like an only dog – spoiled and all (below):

Above: Taking breaks on a Guanajuato walk. It’s warmer here than in CDMX!

At the hardware store: I got annoyed at the pink long line and bought a slightly shorter rope instead!

We walked from los Álamos to Presa de la Olla – Game’s favorite swimming spot. An unsuspecting Border Collie puppy, following Game’s lead … found herself swimming!

Crazy wet puppy after her first semi-voluntary swim at Presa de la Olla!

Rawhide at the park, Rodrigo and Orisa.

Like the good old times: dog walks and Habibi talks with Rodrigo and Orisa.

Left: the girls are posing! Right: so is this free roaming trio.

We spent three lovely day in Guanajuato with Vane and her kids Dana and Fabi and my friend Rodrigo and his Jack Russel Terrier Orisa.

While Game was happy to see Orisa, Orisa was NOT impressed with the puppy. WHY did I have to bring the annoying little animal? Orisa made sure we knew she was pissed by sitting at a distance and looking the other way.

Another day of fun in Vane’s yard – this trip was the first time Game and Chai two got to play in a yard together (below)!

… and finally: let me and my girls take you on a Guanajuato adventure (below)!

Sleepy evening pups after a long adventure day!

Vane and Rodrigo, now that I write about you I miss you. I hope to go back and visit soon … and you’ll have to come visit CDMX! Vane and I have been planning for this trip even before I decided to move here.

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