… One Wild and Precious, E2: meet Chrissi and Peter (and some of their dogs)!

Chrissi and Peter introduce themselves, their dogs, and share about their businesses, lives and backgrounds. Special appearance by the one and only Hotel Azul! Plus tips for getting rid of flees, and fun facts about ants. Seriously – whatever your question, this podcast probably has the answer. It’s like an episodes of The Simpsons. Or an Ärzte song: there’s one for every occasion.


Get in touch with Chrissi

chrissi.schranz [at] gmail.com

Chrissi’s upcoming online class at FDSA (Calling All Dogs) – registration for the August term is open now!

Chrissi’s Facebook

Chrissi’s Instagram

Get in touch with Peter

peterfrombelfast [at] gmail.com

Peter’s Facebook

SOCODEVI, the NGO Elvira works for

Thank you …

… to Lesfm for providing the royalty-free intro and outro music, and to Scheffler for the suspension sounds!

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