I am happy to say that I just completed a five session training with Chrissi and my young dog “Most.” […] Chrissi’s calm, thorough approach was a tremendous help. I strongly recommend [Chrissi’s Dog Training].

David & Most (Doberman)

[M]i experiencia con Chrissi […] ha sido excelente y enriquecedora. Chrissi tiene un espíritu lleno de luz que ayuda a que el ambiente tanto para mi mascota como para mí sea más seguro y da mucha confianza. Pasa la quiso desde el primer día y disfruta estar con ella. Se divierte y ha mejorado su comportamiento con la guía de Chrissi. Estoy contenta de ver el progreso de Pasa. No dudo en recomendar a Chrissi porque además de tener una buena conexión con las mascotas, sus métodos no son basados en castigos sino en el entendimiento de lo que afecta el comportamiento de las mascotas y la forma correcta de controlar esas situaciones. Gracias Chrissi por tu gran apoyo y por contribuir a que seamos felices mi mascota y yo ❤.

Claudia & Pasa (mix)

Thank you for a great workshop, Chrissi! Now I’m really motivated to do more with Lotta. I love seeing how much fun she has learning tricks!

Maria & Lotta (Goldendoodle)

Chrissi is an amazing trainer, our little Nala went on board training for a week with her and we are so happy with the results. She learned how to walk on a leash and also some proper manners like not eating the ornaments or books, also we learned how to help her behave around the house. She is a much happier pup and we are trully amazed! We fully recommend working with Chrissi.

Alessandra & Nala (Beagle)

Chrissi has been working with my 6 month old pug, Sadie. It has been a great experience. Every class Sadie learns something and so do I! The best part is that Sadie loves Chrissi and enjoys learning. Chrissi provides me with information on how I can continue to reinforce our lessons between classes. I would recommend Chrissi without reservation. She’s wonderful.

Rose & Sadie (Pug)

Yesterday I finished my 5 lesson package with Chrissi Schranz. Truly a wonderful dog trainer! She is passionate with her work so we had a lot of fun learning new techniques for healthy, happy dogs! She always came prepared with new information and tips so that I could learn together with my two Golden Retrievers. Two thumbs up for Chrissi!

Karen & Xela and Pistachio (Golden Retrievers)

Chrissi’s board and train program was wonderful for my dog. I felt great knowing that my dog was not only recieving great care, but also learning and building on what we had been working on! Chrissi listened intently during our pre boarding training session and it was clear she understood my goals. Her house is dog heaven, lots of backyard play space and woods to take long walks in right next door. My dog was very happy! Highly recommend!

Ellie & Maruca (mix)

Thank you for helping me with our particular recall issue and really strengthening this behavior overall. Because of you and your direction, Savvy can now spend some time off leash with all of my dogs safely and will come when I call her!

Melissa & Savvy (Border Collie, FDSA)