The Brindle Girl Series – Day 11 (Session #44; the Season Finale)

Brindle Girl’s last session. A video that starts out very happy, end ends in a train wreck. I am sharing the uncut video here with you so we can all learn from my mistakes.

Make sure to read the subtitles in the video to follow my thought process!

What can we learn from my choices in this session?

When we want to change emotions, luring can be a BAD idea! When we lure a dog, it is easy to tempt them into doing something they aren’t ready for: getting close to the scary thing isn’t a genuine choice because the food is too tempting to say no. 

For Brindle Girl, this  turned out to be the case even with the low value kibble: by using food lures, I got her to stick her head all the way through the collar. I knew she wasn’t really ready for this – watch the last start button CC/DS session to see how suspicious she still was of it. 

Things could not have gone wrong in this way if I had continued taking things at HER pace: by the time she let me know she was ready to put the collar on, she’d have been comfortable with it. Consequently, she wouldn’t have startled herself if I let go of it, and we would have avoided the subsequent fallout. 

Session #44

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