The coping dog …

… still needs to be named. I’m going to call her The Beautiful and Terrifying Nature of All Things for now because that’s a phrase I love from a book I just finished. The coping dog is here because (1) her person can’t keep her for sad personal reasons and no fault of their own, and (2) I could use a fun project these days!

I’m thinking of keeping The Coping Dog for 1-2 months and really catching up on her socialization needs. I’ll try to film lots of how dogs in Mexico City get socialized – it’s a BIG, ALL-THE-THINGS environment! – and share it here with you. It is definitely an ideal place to socialize a confident puppy. Is it an ideal place for socializing a 3.5 months old who hasn’t had exposure to streets, parks, unfamiliar dogs and people in the last 1.5 months? We’ll find out about that tomorrow. If it isn’t, she’ll just not be a CDMX dog. I’ll find her a good home in a quieter place instead.

She’s got her puppy vaccines, no fleas and ticks (and will get treated tomorrow), and from what I’ve see so far, is environmentally curious, not shy around dogs and neutral towards new people (sample size: 1. Me.) She has not worn a leash in her life, so tomorrow, I’ll get her a harness, go to Parque las Américas and learn more about who this girl is!

Both her parents are black and white. Mom has pointy ears and is a pet BC, dad has droopy ears and is working cattle ranch BC in Guerrero.

Top: mom left, dad right. Bottom: mom with all the puppies.

Anytime I’m not socializig her, I’ll be playing around with a class I want to create and that is currently taking shape in my mind. It’ll be based on a single game, gradually adding complexity, and the goal is to teach both you and your dog a variety of fun and useful skills along the way. I am really excited about this and hope The Beautiful a Terrifying Nature of All Things will have a good time along the way!

For now, I’m leaving her with her cuteness after making the jourey from Ecatepec (technically a town in the State of Mexico north of CDMX; practically part of Mexico City because Mexico City has swallowed most surrounding towns) to my AirBnB in Narvarte.

3.5 months old and could not possibly be any cuter!

PS: If you’re on the search for a young Border Collie … She is a foster and will be looking for her people in a bit! Maybe that’s you!

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