The Puzzle Week – Part 1: Introducing the Puppy

My neighbors have a litter of puppies: two brindle ones, three brown ones, all of them cute. I’ve watched them grow up, and slowly follow their mom out into the callejones of our neighborhood. They are eight weeks old now, and while they are looking for homes, my neighbors are letting one of them stay with me for a week.

Old enough to venture out into the world! They live behind the red gate.

This is their mom. A little Schnauzer mix, two ducks, and a cat are also part of their family.

I’m working towards my CU instructor certification. Puzzle is going to assist me by means of learning matwork CU style. And perhaps Superbowls to help her get over her fear of the vacuum? We’ll see how things go.

Of course, I’ll also take her places while she stays with me. Socialization experiences are incredibly important at this age.

If you liked the Brindle Girl series – I’ll be doing something along the same lines with my little pandemic companion, Puzzle.

Why Puzzle? Well, she didn’t have a name yet, and on the first evening, she fell asleep in this box:

There may be another wave of Covid raging outside – but we’ve got it nice and cozy at home. Life could be worse!
It just gives me a boost of feel-good hormones to look at a snuggly sleepy puppy!

Stay tuned for videos … And more puppy cuteness!

2 thoughts on “The Puzzle Week – Part 1: Introducing the Puppy

  1. Theo Jak e/o Zimet says:

    That is a very nice sentence:
    ‘It just gives me a boost of feel-good hormones to look at a snuggly sleepy puppy!’

    Sometimes I try to name the feelings I experience while looking at a puppy
    affection (tender attachment), closeness ( near in interests, affection, etc.; intimate; familiar),
    consideration (thoughtful and sympathetic regard), intimacy.

    There happens a lot while quietly watching a puppy.

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