Finding Five Pandemic Challenge – Week 2

3 simple rules:

  1. You’ll play 5 days a week – whichever days you’d like. You play by completing any task on the list.
  2. Complete the tasks in any order, and check them off when you do!
  3. Report in on the “Pandemic challenge” thread in the discussion forum, or, if you are a Bronze student, on the Facebook lurker group, when you’ve checked off all items on the list! 
    Videos you share on the Pandemic challenge thread do not count towards your Gold or Silver minutes, since I’m not reviewing them. Share away – let’s have fun!
    Challenge sheet for week 2:


Click here to download and print a larger version of the week 2 challenge sheet!

If you want to join me in Finding Five for this and many other games – registration at FDSA will be open for a few more days!

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