Our One Wild and Precious Lives (and Our Dogs)

A podcast by Chrissi and Peter

A podcast about living off the beaten track, dogs, and the overlap between the two. I want my listener(s) to get a glimpse at the world – maybe a different world from their own – through storytelling. Here’s to philosophy, conversations, change, training dogs, and treating humans with kindness. Queer stuff, life stuff, politics, and learning theory … We’ll see where this journey takes us!

The canine nerd level scale for special interest episodes (titled “Dog geekery”; Malinois head in the episode picture):

Level 1: of interest for pet or companion dog owners

Level 2: for the engaged dog enthusiast who already knows things, and wants to learn even more

Level 3: for highly educated dog and animal training folks who love digging into the nerdy details of theory and philosophy

If an episode doesn’t have a nerd level, it’s a general interest one. Episodes are shared in reverse chronological order.

E3 (below) is a 2/3 on the canine nerd level scale.

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